Slow Mo

The videos below are of my good friend Steve Moakler. He is going to be huge one day! I love his music…. 

“Slow Mo”

“The Boy That You Drew”



My Birthday!

                                         Birthday Ballons

Today I am turning 23. I can’t believe it! Time has flown by so quickly.

My Momma and Daddy are driving up for my birthday! I’m so excited! Also, Parker and I are signing the lease on our house!

Today is going to be a wonderful day!!! 🙂


I’m so happy that summer is finally here! Summer has to be one of my favorite seasons. I love being able to go out and get a tan, go to the beach, and lake. My summer schedule has already been filling up. But with fun stuff. I’ll give you a little preview of what my summer looks like……

  • Next Monday I leave for my most favorite spot…The Beach! 🙂
  • The first weekend in June I will be going to the CMA Music Festival here in Nashville.  So Excited!
  • Then I have Father’s Day..I love my Daddy!
  • Then some friends and I are suppose to go to Michigan for a Tigers Baseball Game at the end of June.
  • The most exciting part of July is when Parker and I get to move into our Awesome house! I’m so EXCITED!!
  • Then the day after July 4th I have tickets to go see Kenny Chesney here in Nashville at the Titan Stadium. That should be an awesome show!! 

But in the middle of all this fun stuff going on I still have classes during the summer. It shouldn’t be too bad. I’m actually looking forward to it because, the more classes I get done the closer I am to graduating! haha 

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to spending my first summer in Nashville! It should be a great one! I’m also going to be booking shows for my best friend Parker Welling. Also I’m gonna try and keep this up since I do have a lot of time on my hands, lol. 

This video was of last nights ACM Awards Show in Vegas. Taylor Swift is performing. I wasn’t really into it at all. But thats my opinion. Take a look, maybe you’ll like like….


Passing Time


  • Spring break is over and it is back to hitting the books. What fun! ha (hint the sarcasm) I’m sitting in my class The History of the Recording Business. Usually I’m bored out of my mind, but today I’m not. We are actually listening to some good music. He started the class off with the song “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees and now we are currently listening to K.C and the Sunshine band “That’s the Way I Like It”.  Love those songs.


  • This week has been a very crazy week for me. I have had 4 test this week and have hardly gotten any sleep! It has been rough studying because my brain has gone on summer vacation and will not come back, haha. I’m so ready for the weekend to get here. Even though it is going to be busy, it is going to be the fun busy. I’m working Tin Pan South and its going to be Awesome! If you don’t know what Tin Pan South  it is a festival for songwriters. There will be over 200 songwriters playing in clubs through out Nashville in 5 night.  So it should be awesome. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂


  •  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and a wonderful weekend!  



This video is powerful! They showed it in my church and I got goosebumps. It is amazing how powerful our God is!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! 

Spring Break!….Already?!

  • This spring semester has flown by!  It feels just like yesterday I was starting my first semester at Belmont and here I am almost finished with my second, crazy! Living in Nashville has brought SO much joy to my life!  I love it here! God has been so wonderful to me! He has brought me awesome friendships, an amazing apartment, and a great college!
  •  Throughout our lives we try and figure out what our future is (or was that just me? ha).  In what I have learned over the years is, however much we want something to happen, we can not make it happen, only God can in his right timing.  That is what God has been teaching me these past few months. I’ve had to learn a lot of patience, because I have always had this dream of I’m gonna be married by this age and have kids by this age. Well guess what?! I was oh so wrong.  My life has turned out completely different, but I love how it is and I would not change it for a thing.  I want everything God has for me.  I want the best of the best. So I just have to wait and believe that in his right time,my dreams will come true.  In the mean time, I’m seeking God, and drawing closer to him. He is a great daddy! 
  • I hope ya’ll have enjoyed my first blog.  I never really thought I would start one, but I do have to admit, I enjoyed it! Have a wonderful night!


  • P.S. I just got a tattoo in January and I LOVE it! 🙂